Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm frickin Nancy Drew. Tonight I solved The Mystery of the Huge Water Bill. Last month it was $265, this month it is $165. Normal bill is $35. Obviously something was very wrong. Was there an underground leak? No evidence for that, since there are no bright green grassy areas. Was someone stealing water? No way, Jose. Wait, Mike mentioned the guest house toilet flapper thing had been screwed up and he replaced it. I go inside the guest house and discover the toilet float thingy was messed up and water was basically running down the toilet. Just like those dollars running away from my checking account. Just imagine, in two months I spent an entire year's worth of water. Well, that was a lesson learned.

Tonight's theme is "Compassion," so I won't go out and do any bad things to relieve the stress I feel after replacing the float. It works nicely now, I'm great with toilets.

I wonder if one of the side effects of those pretty expensive purple pills is random itchiness. There is this spot on my temple that itches quite severely every hour or so. I need to find someone to scratch my itch for me.

Self portrait of the itchy one.

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