Monday, August 30, 2004

Okay I admit it. I am an anti-Republican bigot. Just read about their family values plank- no gay rights ever. I wonder what social conservatives expect the millions of gays and lesbians to do? [note, I thought about linking "social conservatives" to some vile website, but decided that they probably had all examined those websites in their crusade to uncover the filth in our society anyway]. Why couldn't their fucked-up tribulation take place and they could all just go away. I promise not to bring that topic up again, I am over it. Waste of time.

Thinking happy thoughts. Like Maria Von Trapp. She sang "My Favorite Things" when she was all bitter about being saddled with those singing stepbrats, so I'll think of some of my favorite things:

Fresh cotton candy
Surprise presents
The Moulin Rouge soundtrack
Grilled cheese sandwiches
My Smokey the Bear teddy bear
Philip in Nebraska
Puff, waiting at the door when I come home
Chocolate milkshakes
New friends like Sandy and Mark
Reading my buddies' blogs

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