Sunday, August 29, 2004

Your questions answered. People often ask me questions via the comment thingy. I often forget to respond.

1). Archerr, Karen and Pua asked "How did you convince the repairman to have his picture taken?" The tried and true method for repairman pictures is to bring out the camera early on, sorta like foreplay, and work from pictures of the project area, to action shots, and then to a final portrait. Most everybody likes to pose- just ask Panchesco.

2). Mark, Wayne, and Archerr want to know "Who?" in reference to me seeing a fellow blogger on a naked personal website. Actually, at least three of the bloggers in my links can be found on a couple of personal websites in various states of undress. Having invested the time in finding them, I feel it is only fair that readers spend many hours trolling through trolls to find their fellow bloggers (and friends, relatives, politicians, etc) in their natural state.

3). Sushil asked "Have you seen double hibiscus?" Is that legal in Arizona?

Changing the subject. Joey cat is so funny. She loves dairy products but after licking the tiniest amount of milk or yoghurt she immediately vomits, poor thing. So this afternoon she managed to stick her head into a yoghurt contained and lick, lick, lick. She likes it so much I let her. But the moment she finished she gave me that look and BARF. Poor kitty. I just need to ignore her meowing when she hears me open a container of yoghurt or cottage cheese.

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