Friday, August 27, 2004

The plumber was a redhead. Now frequent readers of my soap opera-like life know that I always hope for attractive repairmen, and with one exception, have been pretty lucky. They will also know that redheads are a personal favorite. Today Ken the plumber turned out to be both cute and hot- he had a hunky body underneath his striped shirt and blue work pants. Even his boots, with the soles practically worn out, were hot.

Ken spent three hours replacing the part of the toilet pipe the darn toilet is attached to (how romantic), thrusting new fixtures into the tub, and replacing two of my valves. Get your mind out of the toilet, Ken also had a gold wedding band. Oh well, dreams don't often come true.

And speaking of redheads, while at the Safeway last night, while looking for a can of soup, there was a way cute redhead taking inventory. He was one of those tannable redheads, with the perfect color hair and eyes. Plus he asked me if I needed help. I was tempted to explain that I am single and could use a 5'8"redhead to stock my shelves at home, but Homer isn't that forward. Yet.

Back to the regular scheduled show...

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