Thursday, August 26, 2004

I'm in a swing state and so I get to hear stupid political advertisements. The ones the Republicans run are pretty nasty and "effective," in that they make John Kerry out to be the son of Satan. Funny how they can't come up with any positive things to say about Bush. Kerry's ads are focusing on his strong points or very bluntly point out how sour the economy is. They need to crawl in the dirt a little- maybe have Michael Moore do an advert or two on Bushie.

Datura blossoms at work.

Plumber is coming tomorrow to fix the plumbing in the cat bathroom. Sunday will see the floorboards replaced and then the following weekend will be THE SANDING. I wonder how much more dusty my house will be, since walking around barefoot results in instant dirty feet.

Oh, and how common is it to run across a former roommate or friend or blogger on a gay nude personal website? Based on a perusal last night I would say- at least one of each.

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