Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Picture day. I had a fun day going down to look at a couple of ghost towns along the San Pedro River- my company will be submitting a bid to prepare detailed maps of them. I brought along my digital camera and here are some pictures.

An old iron water storage tank from the early 1880s.

The sky was bright blue, big fluffy clouds coming in from the east.

It has rained a lot in southeastern Arizona, so the plants were lush. This particular plant has beautiful leaves, but is apparently rather poisonous.

The mills processed ore to extract silver. Large rock walls remain, with a scattering of artifacts.

Prehistoric rock art is found on some boulders near one of the mills.

A barrel cactus on the way in was swollen with water and had just started blooming.

A little dehydrated by the end of the morning, but I really enjoyed getting out of the office.

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