Monday, August 23, 2004

Places I want to go to and why:

Mexico, Mexico City- interesting culture
Peru, Lima- what's it like living at such a high elevation?, plus women wearing bowler hats
Iceland- cool volcanoes
Greenland- glaciers and Viking ruins
Crete- Palace of Minos where the Minotaur was supposed to live in his maze
Turkey- Aphrodias has amazing Roman statues
Kenya- elephants and giraffes
Alaska- grizzly bears and mutant Republicans
Japan, Tokyo- what's it like cramming so many people in such a small place?
Canada, Toronto- Oslynn tells me it is a wonderful place

Places I want to return to and why:

Washington, D.C.- Jimbo and John G. along with the National Archives and all those interesting documents
San Francisco- fog and queers
New York City- Patch and the other blogger boys, my best friend Les
Prague- prettiest city ever and so cheap
Hawaii- beautiful flowers and amazing terrain

I've seen most of the United States, so I'm more interested in international travel. Too bad my checkbook doesn't have the same aspirations.

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