Sunday, September 12, 2004

I did many things today. I finished painting the study- Marsh Green walls, Honey Beige Trim, and Yellow Coneflower book shelf.

The picture doesn't show the colors well, it was getting dark.

I went to the hot-college-boy-Safeway but there were no hot college boys. On the way home I saw they were demolishing the old Thrifty Block downtown, so I drove back fast with my camera. The Arizona Daily Star photographer made up for the Safeway experience- he was godawful cute. I remember the time he photographed me on a dig and I flirted with him. He took mug shots of each of us and I asked why. Turns out the newspaper keeps them on file in case we end up murdering someone or being killed in a car accident. Nice.

They peeled the facade off and there was this cool Art Deco building underneath.

Didn't last for long. I kept a brick.

The phone rings, it is Kevin telling me to come to karoake at IBTs. Once there Panchesco and I chased people around with our cameras.

Richard before he sang.

I saw the winker, who remembered me as Howard.

I think he is a Republican, sigh.

Richard and I swarmed around the lovely female impressionists, shouting "Look over here, ohmigod you look fabulous! Look this way, who designed your gown? Get out of the way Joan Rivers, you freeze-dried olde handbag!"

When I got home that smiling bug, some sorta praying mantis, was still hanging out at the light, cleverly looking for something to eat.

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