Monday, September 20, 2004

I turned off the news. I don't want to hear anymore, don't want to see it. For the first time in her life my mother plans to vote for a Democrat for president (she wrote in McCain last time). I would rather think about flowers and long eyelashes and chocolate milkshakes. If I think about these things long enough I'm guessing one of the cats will cough up a hairball to bring things back to normalcy.

Maybelle, Myrtle, and Mildred, circa 1905.
Feeling a little down the last couple of days. I have a small hernia problem and it is getting worse, so I'm probably going to have to have one of those fancy operations. Yowza, not looking forward to people poking me with knives down there, last time that happened I got circumsized (my mother has the hospital bill, they charged something like $49 dollars at the time, what a frickin' waste). It is probably not a big deal but I just can't get all cheerleady about it, especially since high kicks would surely exacerbate the condition.
In less whiny news, well.. fuck it, I think I'll just whine...

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