Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Who were those women? Maybelle was my great grandmother, born in 1886. She died in 1951 from diabetes and heart problems, after leading an overworked life. Her husband liked having too much fun, so the burden fell on Maybelle to raise six children. My grandmother always felt anger towards her father for that. I understand, my own father was much the same. Maybelle had a dozen brothers and sisters- she was the oldest. Mildred never married and was apparently a bitter person, Myrtle married a wife beater and retreated into her own fantasy world at times. Their siblings had better lives, I think.

It is my friend David's 50th birthday. We were chatting Sunday and I noted that I've known him since he was 37- time flies.

So Martha is going to prison. You know, if I was a convict I would love to have Martha as a cellmate. We would have the prettiest cell ever.

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