Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Only 39 days until Halloween. I really need to figure out what to wear this year. Last year was very successful as a caveman, especially as the loincloth slipped further down as the night progressed. In my drunken state I ended up making out with the sailor and the fireman, two of the three cutest guys at the party I was at (Patrick, who has the best moustache in Tucson, was the third cutest guy). However, this year I think I'll skip the six beers. I am a horrible lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

I wasted time at work trying to remember all of the costumes I've worn sinceI was a kid:

A rabbit (hand me down).
Gypsy girl (my mother thought this one up, I liked the hoop earrings).
Ghost (sheet with holes for eyes)
A colonial soldier (so 1976).
A vampire (yawn).
An abortion (coat hanger and red rain poncho, my roommate was dressed as a priest).
A used maxipad (woohoo, placed in the top 10 at the U of Michigan costume contest).
A lumber jack (yawn).
A Supreme Court nominee (business suit, black dildo hanging out, coke can).
A tossed salad (I dressed the bf as a Christmas tree).
White Trash (simple, just a white trash bag).
Wog the Homo erectus.

Homer as Wog, Patrick as a Shriner.

I think I'm going as a redneck this year, overalls and a ratty straw hat,maybe a couple of blacked out teeth.

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