Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ice cream is supposed to make everything better, but I am still sad this afternoon. I spent an hour with a friend who is in town who I last saw in June. He tells me that he hasn't called me because he was mad at me. Apparently on his last visit I managed to offend him in some way. Honestly I don't remember doing so, what I do remember is getting his place ready before he came to town and hanging out with him. Maybe it was because I didn't go hiking with him or maybe...oh who knows. It was a big surprise and I guess I was supposed to apologize, but as far as I know there was nothing to apologize about. I mean if you can't remember it, how can you feel sorry about it?

So anyway, blah-blah-blah. It makes me fucking cranky, kinda cornered in a corner. And I was having a perfectly nice day before that. So fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. Not my problem.

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