Sunday, September 26, 2004

I called Doug and suggested he accompany me for shopping therapy. I got a small bonus at work for having a journal article published. I set aside $75 to buy some new shirts. Doug assured me that he was an excellent shopper, and he came through exactly as stated. Man he knew right where the sales rack at Macy's was, knew that it was unbearable for me to buy two shirts from the same designer. They were having theeee most excellent sales (our economy is booming, yersirree, that's why a brand new shirt can be bought for $5.00). In the end I spent about $70 and brought home four shirts, a tee shirt, and three pairs of socks.


And you know what, shopping therapy is much funner than going to see some droopy shrink and discuss personal problems ad nauseum. It is much better to discuss those same problems while simultaneously scoping cute guys and making withering comments about the things some designers call "fashion."

Afterwards I ran to work, then over to Reuben's house where his adorable kittens Ping and Pong got their soft tummies scratched. Later to IBTs to meet up with Larry and David and Andrew and Richard was there, he has a photo exhibit up that I will be stopping and seeing tomorrow morning.

At home a bowl of cereal for dinner (the stove hasn't returned yet, a story I'm saving until next week). On the other hand, a new sink and toilet in the cat bathroom, thanks to Doug K.'s hard work.

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