Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'm in love with Ms. Betty Butterfield. I came across her on Zenleo's website (oh, he is such a hotty and he doesn't even know it).

My dream date Betty.

I watch her little videos (Walmark and Funeral and Vietnam!) and laugh and laugh. Patti and Sarah noticed this at work today. "Why are you giggling?" I certainly wasn't giggling over the rotten animal smell inside the kitchen at work. An animal crawled into the wall or something and passed away and now we get to enjoy the fragrance. "Hello Mr. Dead Animal" we'll say as we run in and out of the kitchen as fast as we can. Actually it makes you less hungry, it's kinda like a new weight loss method. Poor old Mark though, he doesn't have a sense of smell so it will be wasted on him. And so on.

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