Sunday, September 05, 2004

So I'm dreaming that someone was phoning me at 4:00 AM and I wake up and it is 12:36 AM and the phone is ringing. So I get up and stumbled through my competely disorganized house and find the phone and picked it up. From the other side there is party noise or maybe bar noise, you know, a jumble of voices and music. I yell "Hello?" and "Hello?" into the phone, but whoever is on the other side is either not answering or doesn't realize the phone is on. Later I check caller ID and see that it was the Ex who called. What the fuck was that about? I've talked to him once in the last four months. Maybe it was his repugnant friend P. playing mind games, who knows.

I went to Bob and Steve's party, they recently got hitched in Vermont. They are the sweetest guys in the world.

Bob and Steve's wedding cake.

I was awful tired so I was in bed by 9:30. Slept soundly until the annoying phone call. This morning I stained the kitchen floor, twice.

There are a couple of dark spots, two are from where someone set a hot pot down onto the floor and the third in front of the sink is where people stood a long time ago.

This afternoon Doug came over and we changed his car battery and I helped him put links on his weblog. We had fun driving around and talking a mile a minute.

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