Sunday, October 17, 2004

Back from central Arizona and New Mexico. Scenery was lovely, except when the windy road made me feel car sick.

Salt River canyon.

Springerville was surpisingly lively, we stayed at at John Wayne's old ranch where purebred Herefords were once raised. The following morning we visited the Casa Malpais ruins, where the lichen was more interesting than the tour.

Later that day we arrived at Reserve, New Mexico. Right in the middle of elk hunting season, readily evident from the pickup truck parked next to my hotel room.

The tongue hanging out made for a special touch.

This morning the drive back was equally scenic, saw a mama deer and her two babies. Drove past Texas Canyon at 65 mph, one of my favorite places and I was surprised to find that my pictures turned out.

Texas Canyon.

At home the cats are climbing on me. I should be getting ready for my trip to DC on Tuesday, but instead I'm catching up on people's blogs and making a to-do list. But first, I think a nap with the cats is in order.

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