Sunday, October 17, 2004

Are we there yet? The election, can’t it just be over? It’s like a goddam circuit party where they have a pre-party, then the circuit party, and then the post-party. It just drags on and on forever. At least at a circuit party everyone is completely out of their minds due to the drugs and everything is perfect and pretty and it’s all love... oh wait, that sounds like a lot of Republicans.

And this Mary Cheney thing. I used to feel sorry for her. I mean, growing up with Darth Vader as your father. Now I think she is just as fucking nasty as the rest of them. If she didn’t like Kerry mentioning her name, why the fuck didn’t she say something? She’s a spineless hack, why don’t we ask her to return the toaster and go marry Rush Limbaugh? She’d make a great fourth wife. Wouldn’t that be tawdry? I bet that bitch (oops, I meant her mother) would be so much happier shopping for her trousseau at Nieman Marcus.

One nice thing about being in rural Arizona and New Mexico was the lack of news. For about 36 hours I knew nothing about what was going on. That saying "Ignorance is Bliss" is so on.

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