Monday, October 18, 2004

When I was a kid Cracker Jack had good prizes (I'm eating some right now)- little dioramas, plastic cars and animals. Nowadays the prizes suck, majorly. Same thing with cereal- I still have some plastic Winnie the Pooh figures that I got back around 1969 (I was a big Pooh fan back then).

Toys were sometimes dangerous and wicked back then. I got plenty of scrapes and pinches from the Erector Set. We also had this thing that melted plastic and you could make things- rockets, animals, etc. I imagine the fumes were pretty toxic, but it was awful fun.

I still have some of my toys- my mother was good about keeping them. My black GI Joe with fuzz hair (and the original box he came in), PeeWee dolls, my toy house trailer, Smokey Bear and Googoo Gaagaa (a little yellow monkey). We didn't have a lot of toys when I was a kid (we were pretty poor), but the ones I had I played with a lot. So different today where toys seem like they would entertain for about five minutes before getting tossed aside.

Off to DC tomorrow- I'm looking forward to staying with Jimbo and Archerr. Woof.

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