Sunday, October 10, 2004

David G. called me as I was wandering through the bookstore. "Why aren't you at Pride?" he asked. Every October we have OutoberFest here in Tucson and I managed to totally forget it. It was too late to go by then, so instead I came home and worked on a fricking annoying website for a non-profit group. David stopped by later and we chatted as I took his portrait.

David G.

I don't know "comment etiquette" well, but just wanted to alert people that I rarely respond to questions posed in my comment section. If I am at work it is a hassle to log onto my home email account and at home I am usually doing more exciting things like cleaning up cat vomit (which there seems to be an amazing amount lately). So if I don't respond, please don't think I'm mad or don't like you, okay? I really adore everybody in their own special way, sometimes in two or three ways.

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