Monday, October 11, 2004

Hi, my name is Homer and I'm a coughaholic. The cold from two weeks ago has turned into bronchitis. So nice. I broke down and bought some cough stuff and after swallowing that nasty stuff I'm waiting for it to kick in. Please hurry up and do so, the coughing is wearing me out and makes me sound like I'm half dead. Actually, I don't feel that bad, and I don't mind the pity party aspect, especially when I tell my co-workers "I have to have hernia surgery."

So I used my 50 percent off coupon at Michaels to buy a big blank canvas. I have lots of different paint colors and I'm going to do some abstract painting to hang up in my study. I made a really nice one a couple of years ago but the frame decided to warp. I'll post a picture when I'm done playing artiste.

Chatted with my sister Susan, the accountant, yesterday. Was pleased to learn she will be voting for Mr. Kerry and that she thinks Bush is an idiot. My mother is also voting for Kerry, I'm feeling more and more hopeful that dipshit is going back to cut brush on his ranch in Texas in mid-January. Good fucking riddance.

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