Sunday, October 31, 2004

I volunteered to be the designated driver. I loaded a trio of burka-clad men and an African prince in my car and we headed for Ray's house, way-way-way out on the northeast side.

The prince and his three wives.

Coyotes were howling as we got out of the car. Ray decorates his house for Halloween, I mean he really decorates. There are bats, ghosts, spider webs, and skeletons everywhere.

Derek Ray and Homer Ray, cousin-brothers.
Lots of people at the party, most in costumes. Some of the costumes were really creative.

One of a trio of crazy brides, this one was pregnant.

Mechanic James.

David A.'s clown-like madness.

Furry goodness.
Panchesco was there and we had dueling cameras for awhile. He looked specially wicked, red paint becomes him.

Devilish Richard.

A quick stop at the Denture Inn, where I got to see Doug. On the way back to David G. and Abe's house they and Chad and Damien talked drunk-dirty, telling stories that would embarass housewives and Baptist choir members. I had a fun time, I even kissed a cute guy. Halloween should come more than once a year.

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