Monday, November 01, 2004

It is impossible to get any work done. I am so on edge over this election, can it just be over? I'm thinking of going to a movie so that I'm not all obsessive watching the telly.

In other important news, at the supermarket I saw beefy Byron. So beefy. So blonde. So furry. He would be a popular guy if he was a homo, David G. and Abe would agree with me on that. The Halloween candy was decidedly not on sale. I ran out (five bags!) last night and had to turn the light off. And no one brought any to work, goshdarnit! So I had terrible chocolate withdrawal symptoms this afternoon.

The cats have decided that it is cold and last night I woke up with all three lying on top of me, attempting to steal my breathe or crush me to death. Well, actually they were thinking "When is that human going to put the electric blanket on the bed." Answer, tonight.

I know, my life is too exciting. I think I have a date this week, maybe that will be a bit more exciting.

Orchid, National Botanical Garden.

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