Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I'm back. I survived Stupid Airport Behavior, a malady experienced by numerous people in which they loose 20 IQ points the moment they step inside an airport and a further 20 when they get inside the plane. Arghhh.

Archerr and I had so much fun. When he comes to Tucson he'll find my house isn't as immaculate as his, the Virgin Mary doesn't live on my block.

The cats are astonished to see me, little Puff meowed and meowed hello. Plenty of hairballs spewed while I was gone- yuck. There was a terrific rainstorm just before I got home, water everywhere.

Hey only six more frigging days until election day. I'm saying a big old atheist prayer that George Bush gets the fuck out of DC and Dick Cheney crawls back under some rock in Wyoming or wherever. Condi Rice, Rumsfield, Powell- they can all march down and apply for unemployment. Even Andy Sullivan is endorsing Kerry.

More pictures below:

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