Monday, October 25, 2004

Raindrops blossoming on the sidewalk. At last night's BlogJam I met Dogpoet, JoeMyGod, and GeekSlut. I felt Andrew Sullivan's thick bicep when we were ordered to pose for a picture, he's a little too musclebound and conservative for my tastes. I listened to stories and a poem, closing my eyes as DogPoet read. He and I sat perched on barstools at the same table until he got up to pace nervously before his reading. Michael is the type of guy you want to bring home to your mother. And spoon with in your old twin bed afterwards. Joe is a gentleman, what a nice guy. I'm so happy to have met them.


Afterward I hung out with Jimbo's roommate Rick and chatted some.

Rick and Jimbo.

At about 11:15 it was time to head for the Metro to come back to Archerr's house. As it was I caught the last train, and perhaps the slowest. I got off at the West Falls Church stop at 12:40 AM. Now this turned out to be a problem as the buses had stopped running and I had neglected to get Archerr's home address. I called but he was sound asleep. So the waiting taxi had to find someone else and I began to walk towards where I thought Paul's house was.

So I see some fast food restaurants and then a yard ornament shop (own your own concrete cannon!) and knew I was on the right route. But as I walked down the road further, under a traffic overpass, I became less certain. It was dark and a bit wet, you could smell the leaves and at one spot a loud gurgling stream ran next to the road. Someone else was walking along the other side of the road and as I got closer he started to shout at me. "Fuck you, I don't care." I began to walk faster as his curses grew nastier, "I'll fucking kill you, you fucker!" Oh my, time to disappear. I called Archerr and he answered and after conferring I managed to get totally confused. Luckily he called back and I discovered I was only a few hundred yards from his house. I arrived safely, bringing along a Bush-Cheney sign I liberated from the road median.

Paul has been such a sweet host. I hope I've convinced him to come visit me in Tucson (I told him he needs to travel through Dallas and spend a night at Zeitzeuge's). Tonight we made breakfast for supper and the hash browns, which he was skeptical about, turned out nicely. Except I am now totally stuffed.

Tomorrow is my return to Tucson- I'll be posting pictures of my trip.

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