Sunday, October 24, 2004

While Archerr is being so kind as to go get me a diet pop, I have a moment to discuss my trip to Washington DC. I've been fairly successful in the research I'm here to do, etc. etc. Stayed two nights with Pat, Diane, and Bridget. I've known Pat since 1987 and he's my best straight male buddy. We always disagree about things, some things never change.

He dropped me off Thursday night and I met up with Jimbo.


Oh my, he is so woofy. I'm jealous 'cause he has the head of hair I always wanted (mine, before the tragic balding began, was always fine and boring, Jimbo's hair is coarse and thick and you just want to run your hands through it). Did I remember to tell you that Jimbo is woofy?

On Friday Jimbo and I went to his Metro stop and he left in one train and I waited for the one heading the other way. The first to arrive was way crowded so I sat back down. When the next one arrived I got on and as I grabbed the pole turned and said "Hey Chrisafer." He smiled and said, "Hey Homer" back. It's that small world thing- what are the chances that would happen? Later that day I was walking across the Mall and there was Pat Boone up on a stage singing some awful song about the Pledge of Allegiance. Personally, my Chrisafer celebrity sighting was much more exciting.

My opinion of Pat Boone.

I spent some time photographing flowers at the garden next to the Smithsonian and in the glassed in conservatory.

Halloween flowers.

Something tropical.

That night we went off to a bar whose name I forgot and there was Archerr. I arranged to stay at his youth hostel and so here I am. Archerr is fun. I am being awful and making him laugh with my goofy sayings as well as having intense intellectual conversations that leave me almost breathless. He says, "You're totally lying." Well the truth is, Archerr is amazingly fun to be around and is a sexy guy as well. I just wish his dungeon room was fully functional...

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