Thursday, October 14, 2004

Rambling. I bought plane tickets to go to England for a conference- January 4 through 11. Anyone in London who can offer ideas on cheap (key word, cheap) place to stay for three days? I'm taking the train from London to York and spending four days there, then back down to London for a few days.

Lynne Cheney says John Kerry is "not a good man" because he mentioned the Second Family's lesbian daughter. So my question is, if Kerry had mentioned their heterosexual daughter in regard to a question about education or equal pay for women, would that have been "bad" as well? Or is my impression correct that the she and her husband are a bit embarrassed or ashamed they have a lesbian daughter? That would be ironic since Lynne wrote a romance novel with torrid lesbian scenes in it. Or are they pandering and pretending to be all hurty? I wonder how Mary felt when she wasn't allowed onstage at the Republican National Convention? I guess that was somehow okay? Lynne Cheney, you need to rethink who is actually "cheap and tawdry."

[I removed a long, obnoxious rant about George Bush here, no surprise that I don't care for that fellow]

As I get older I seem to be getting more impatient and perhaps more intolerant of ignorant people. Speaking of which, I'm off to northcentral Arizona and New Mexico through Sunday.

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