Monday, November 22, 2004

I made potatoes au gratin, eggplant parmagiana without the cheese, and a salad for dinner with Mummy and Steve tonight. Pumpkin pie for desert- I've been crazing that. The rain that Jonny had yesterday showed up this afternoon in Tucson and it seems like winter, hence the deep dish pumpkin pie.

Gotta stop grinding my teeth in my sleep. This has been going on since election night (wonder why????!). My jaws ache and my face feels all tense. A trip to a pharmacy to get a mouth guard is in order, anything to stop this business.

Totally a new subject- Things I like about the holiday season:

1). Making my own holiday cards. I sent one to Patch last year, I'm pretty sure.
2). Buying a few gifts for poor children.
3). Vintage Xmas ornaments and wrapping paper.
4). The smell of a pine tree inside.
5). Eggnog.

Still, it isn't the same as when I was a kid. No one buys me tinker toys or Lincoln logs anymore. And what about erector sets?

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