Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I've been entertaining Mummy pretty good I think. Except today she entertained me by buying me a cobalt blue Cuisenart Mixer. Oh so pretty, so shiny and mixey and now I am all consumered out and she still says I have to spend another $250 of grandma's inheritance and I have a hard time spending money on myself.


Last night I went over to David, Abe, and Zoe's house to watch the Amazing Race. Christ the casting was way off this year- so many frickin model couples and/or absolute idiots.

David and I.

Okay, so you've been picked to go on the show and you know you'll be driving stick shift. How hard would it be to find a stick shift and practice a little? And how hard is it to read a frickin map?

Abe wasn't feeling too great, but he showed me his "feetgasm." We all laughed (well not Zoe because she wasn't paying attention) as he simulated feetgasm. It makes me laugh now. So wrong and durty.

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