Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Anti-Thanksgiving. I guess the mashed potatoes, squash, and rolls I made for lunch almost count as a Thanksgiving meal. For dinner tonight Mummy and I had beans and rice and cherry pie with whip cream made in my lovely KitchenAid. Did I tell you it is cobalt blue? I'll take a picture and post that tomorrow.

When I was a kid we went to Grandpa and Grandma F's house for Thanksgiving. They lived next door so it wasn't very far. My Uncle F. and Aunt J., their two kids, and my aunt's parents were there and sometimes Grandpa Colonel. A couple of days before we made little placecards, hand-colored turkeys, with everyone's name on them. There were a few in Grandma's china cabinet until her death- I wish I had thought of taking them. I also wished I had grabbed the cute candles- pilgrims and turkeys. I did snag the brightly colored metal plate with the turkey in the middle. That is on my knick knack shelf in the living room. I'm obnoxiously fond of it.

Mummy and I walked down to see the horses at the end of the street and one came up to have its nose scratched. Too many barky dogs though, there is this one house with perfectly vicious dogs that scrabbled at the fence trying to get us. I don't know how the neighbors can stand it.

I called Archerr and we chatted for a while. I teased him about cranberry sauce. He's going to have to send me a list of preferred foods for when he comes visit me in July so I can plan meals during his stay.

I know I'm babbling but I had two pieces of cherry pie and the blood is tingling in my veins and I'm full of energy.

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