Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My mother is one of many older people at the airport, the snowbirds are migrating to Tucson from the north. Mummy is 72 1/2, although I don't feel that she is that old. She has had diabetes for 15 or so years and some of the effects- neuropathy especially- bother her. She complains, a little, of her legs aching and her hips. I asked her if she had talked to her doctor about it and she said no. Her prescriptions are expensive and they raised the prices just before they gave out the new cards. Her doctor now asks patients if they can afford their drugs, so many people in rural Michigan can't.

She is reading her book now and the phone rings and it is Becky, sweet Becky who I've known since 1987. Her mother died today. Becky apologizes for calling me, she tells me, "I'm practicing telling people my Mom died." Her voice, you can tell she had been crying. I tell her to call me any time, she's a good friend and I want to be there when she needs me.

The house isn't as quiet as normal with me and Mom and the three cats.

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