Monday, November 15, 2004

People like James Dobson think I'm an abomination because I'm gay [homosexual, queer, faggot, invert- so many choices]. It is funny, I don't feel like an abomination. When I was a kid I was always scared of the Abominable Snowman on Rudolf. I'll let you judge whether there is a physical resemblance.

Abominable snowman.

I sometimes wonder why conservative Christians care about such a small part of my being. I am a man, a native of Michigan, right handed, near-sighted since I was nine.

A Virgo, a voter, a pseudo-intellectual, an archaeologist and historian, a brother, an uncle, a son. A registered Democrat, a letter writer, a cat owner [or ownee], a home owner, a restorer. I'm a traveler, someone who can't sing, a joker, a crybaby at times. A listener.

I'm uncoordinated, sometimes clumsy. A fan of science fiction and a vegetarian. A good cook and a reader. I have a few embarassing secrets and a few unmet expectations. I tell stories to myself to put myself to sleep. An occasional insomniac and a tooth grinder, often.

And I'm a queer and people like James Dobson and a whole bunch of others latch onto that aspect of me and others, and deplore and hate us with an amazing amount of energy. They can't be bothered to see the rest of me- the photographer, the blogger, the human being. I wonder who is the abomination?

November sunset.

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