Monday, November 15, 2004

Oslynn and I have the same birthday, although I always have to remind her she is four years older than me. Yesterday she called and said she and Jamie and the kids were in town and could they stop by. Of course! I said, followed by an hour of frantic housecleaning (which means I don't have to clean house tonight for Mummy's arrival tomorrow).


We were apartment roommates back in 1990 and one day she mentioned that she had met the nicest guy, Jamie, who lived downstairs. At their wedding four years later I cried and cried, I can be such a sap.

Jamie and shy Lilliane.

Now they have two super smart kids, where does the time fly?

Evan, who can write the alphabet at age three.

They are coming down on December 5th for my annual holiday cookie and craft party, this year dedicated to Martha, who is away in prison using a microwave to make fancy finger foods. If you are in town, why don't you stop on by?

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