Thursday, November 18, 2004

The New Morality. After NippleGate occurred at the last Superbowl, Mikey Powell (Colin's boy) and the FCC have been scrambling to create a new sense of morality. They've given out fines to Howard Stern and some stupid show where whipped cream was licked off somebody. Bono was spanked for saying "Fucking" something-or-other. Last week Saving Private Ryan was shown on many ABC stations but a whole bunch passed, due to the 21 Fucks and the violent (imagine!) war scenes.

I missed watching Saving Ryan's Privates (oops, my mistake) (I'll confess, I was looking at Survivor which has a hot amputee). But I also got to miss out on a recent Doonesbury cartoon that the Arizona Daily Star decided not to publish. And this week they've decided that Get Fuzzy, my favorite cartoon, is too naughty to be published.

Does this offend you?

Wonder how long this new morality phase will last?

Second topic- the recent outing of a Republican congressman and staffers. No sympathy from me. The closeted congressman voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment at the same time he was cruising online for fucks (sorry Mikey Powell). The gay staffers are enabling men and women who want to deprive us of basic human rights. If a Federal Marriage Amendment passes, does anyone think they will stop there? Up next- laws banning civil unions, survivorship rights, company health benefits, gay adoption. Those idiots enjoy what rights we have because of liberal, Democrat-leaning heroes such as the drag queens who protested in 1969 at Stonewall. I don't see Republicans advocating advances in homo civil rights. If you work for Darth Vader and help his cause, then you deserve your fate.

Did you watch Lost last night? And Amazing Race on Tuesday? That Jonathan and the wrestlers are too evil. And what is up with all of the model couples- I'd rather have bowling moms.

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