Thursday, November 18, 2004

The One in Which I am a Full of Myself. Learned a lesson, find out the political persuasion of people before you post on their blog, because gay Republican bloggers are a bit touchy. I made the mistake of posting what is basically the "second topic" portion of my last entry as a comment on his blog. Got a couple of emails back, portions of which I've cut and pasted below:

Everyone likes to try and compare themselves to Nazi tormented Jews (and/or
Rosa Parks) but such analogies only work for those people who can't tell the difference between a paper cut and a decapitation. Real simply: there are no death camps in your future nor will you have to head to the back of the buss.

But you are so full of yourself when you try and make any comparisons to your(our) present condition and anything on the following list:
-Nazi Death Camps

And it is so disrespectful and demeaning to try and rank your what-if game up there with those real black marks in history (and the 'paper cut and a decapitation' analogy works well for me- although clearly you are not stupid)

It seems that you fall into the same problem that I see Bush falling into- these are not questions to determine the soul of America, you are not fighting the forces of darkness anymore than he is, neither one of you are God. Bush is not evil- I don't really wish he was the president but I don't think he is evil, I don't have any doubt that he thinks what he is doing is right and that he doesn't wake up each morning wondering how he can oppress people. The world is not black & white- they are not for you or against you for all time. If you want to fight- great, just do it smartly- sorry you hat the political realities of getting things done but you will be most effective if you just accept them instead of daydreaming for utopia.

Well, I don't know how to respond. The level of personal animosity was surprising. Perhaps I shouldn't have said in the email I sent him that he was a bit naive to think that Republicans would ever want to grant gays civil rights. I wrote: The question I pose you is at what point would you become alarmed? After a Federal Marriage Amendment passes? Or when some other federal law (for instance, a law outlawing civil unions or a law ending anti-discrimination laws) gets passed? What would be the turning point for you? I say naive and I get back "full of myself" and "disrespectful." As Brian would say, "Whatever."

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