Thursday, November 04, 2004

Responses. Yesterday's post got more responses than usual. Two stand out. Anonymous wrote Sometimes I wish all these people who constantly say they're leaving the country after an election would just have the balls to do it. My answer: Sometimes I wish all of the people who comment anonymous would have the balls to leave their name and email address.

em wrote: ...I voted to allow same sex unions on Nov. 2- the same day I voted for George W. Does that mean I too am to be hated? We can no longer pray in school- or anywhere else because we went overboard making sure no one was FORCED to pray...well, now I'm FORCED not to. I'm also pro-life and against war- exactly who should I vote for? I had to make a choice based on more than one issue and did what I thought was best for the country in which I live. I don't want to see the poor get poorer and the rich get richer... but I also don't want the US to enable those without jobs to continue living on my tax dollars. I just wanted to remind everyone that there are many issues when it come to voting... not just gay marriage.

First EM I have no clue who you are, what kind of person you are. I have no clue whether you are a man or woman, straight or gay. It isn't worth my time or energy to hate the 59 million people who voted for Bush. If you read my entry carefully you will note that the people I hate are the politicians running the Republican party. Obviously, if you were running the country you wouldn’t have time to read my blog. Instead you would be thinking up new culture war ideas to rile up the conservative Christian base of the Republican party.

What have the Republican leaders learned in this election? That people don’t care if you lie, lie, lie as long as you make them feel superior by making someone else inferior. It worked really well, gay people make excellent targets. Most religious folks hate us. Only problem is, you can only ban marriage in a state once. So Karl Rove is going to have to think up a bunch of new culture wars to get people excited in 2006 and 2008. Abortion is one, I am sure, but since the gay angle worked so well we can fully expect gay adoption and gay inheritance to be targeted next. That's reason enough to hate those bastards. Did you know that the rate of gay bashing has increased since February 24, the day George announced the Federal Marriage Amendment?

On school prayer- I have no sympathy. If people want their kids to pray there is ample time to do so at home or at church. Schools are no place for prayer, unless it is equal opportunity for all religions. And how many Christians are going to want their kids to be in class the day they say Jewish prayers, or Muslim, or Satan Worshipping chants, or have someone explain Buddhism or Zoroastrianism. Or the day they get the atheist teacher who tells Billy and Emily that there is no such thing as God and proves it by having them pray for the miraculous appearance of a candy bar which of course doesn't appear. I remember as a child being forced to pray at lunch time and to repeat the Pledge of Allegiance with the phrase “Under God.” There was no choice about not participating, you had to do so. Every 30 days or so you had to troop up to the front of the class and lead the pledge. So who picks what prayers get said? The current state of things is that if students want to say silent prayers, go ahead, but that schools are a neutral place as far as religion. That works for me, the people who have a problem with it are the ones that want to force their religious belief systems onto others.

In reading your message it all comes down to money “I also don’t want the US
to enable those without jobs to continue living on my tax dollars.” As far as I can tell you voted for Bush so you could keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. Guess what, I pay thousands of dollars in taxes every year and if a few bucks go to help some hungry child or to teach a young inner city girl parenting or job skills, I am grateful to be able to help. I grew up dirt poor and attended college on financial aid because my family had no money. I remember going to school with one pair of
shoes and a single suitcase of clothes. I took somebody’s tax dollars and spent them on tuition, a dorm room, and food. Does that make me a bad person? In the years since I have paid probably 70 or 80 thousand grand in Federal income taxes. Not a bad return for the four or five thousand I used to go to school I don’t begrudge money going to poor people.

So do I hate you? No, it isn't worth my time and besides, my moral philosophy has been "I shall harm no other person." The reason I hate Bush and Rove and the other Republican leaders is they threaten me and my friends personally, they want to make me unequal. I'm an American, this shouldn't be happening. So I hope you enjoy the extra money you get from your Bush tax breaks, I hope they don't pick whatever group you are a member of as their next target. You wanted my opinion, well you got it.

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