Friday, November 05, 2004

Commercial break. We now resume our regularly scheduled program. I've avoided the news the last few days, and who could blame me? All this talk about mandates, I wasn't aware that George was a subscriber but maybe he is enjoying the articles in the latest issue- "Het-Hunk's Butt Naked Spread" or "Rough Play, Boned by College Jocks" (I bet Jenna and Babs Jr snuck and took a look at that article!).

So anyhoo, I've added a few blogs on the side. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Click B'log and he is a charmer [find the pillow fight picture on his blog, September 25), that's fer sure. Which got me to thinking about how many bloggers I have met. I counted, of the 61 blogs on my links list, I've had the pleasure of meeting 23 in person. That's kinda amazing. The very first was Sam (who has a bunch of new toys to play with), although I knew Ryan years ago when he lived in Tucson (he needs to invite me to come visit in the spring).

So what am I rambling about? I'm going to have a mandate to have a good weekend and keep avoiding the news and take lots of pictures at the All Souls Day Parade on Sunday and I approve this message.

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