Monday, November 08, 2004

Second attempt. Blogger hasn't been cooperating, but I can't complain, after all it is free.

Yesterday Dan S. and I went to the All Soul's Day parade. This is the 15th year and several thousand people participated, walking in costumes down the route. Lots of pirates, belly dancers, and people looking somewhat zombie like.

Difficult to get good night time shots with my camera, plus the crowds and movement.

Had excellent middle eastern food, oh the cauliflower was melt-in-mouth good. I think even Archerr would like it- not! I called him on the way home from work (I had stopped off at the Humane Society to look at dogs and cats, why do I do that, so many cute animals), and talked as the sun set and the few long, lanky clouds turned cotton candy pink.

A through-the-windshield sunset photo.

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