Monday, November 29, 2004

Today's topic: Horrible Smells. I've been thinking about smells after wheezing my way through some store aisle loaded with stanky candles, all holidayfied. Certain smells (pine, vanilla, Philip L's cologne) have stayed with me and catching a whiff is truly a pleasant experience. Other smells- bleach, cat piss, bad breath- I could do without. But trying to recall truly the worst smells ever- that got me to thinking of the worst olfactory experiences I have experienced:

- the portajohn at the Four Corners Monument.
- the ticket agent on that subway in Prague.
- Jonathan's meat-filled lunches at work, especially the stuff with beef.
- the Kingfisher restaurant- all seafood, all the time.
- the sewage plant at 2 PM in the middle of summer when they turn the mixing vats on.

Luckily I'm about to bake cookies, so only pleasant odors in my house.

What is the worst thing you've ever smelled?

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