Sunday, November 28, 2004

I do wierd things when I sleep. Everything has to be just so. My feet have to be out from under the blankets usually- a bad thing in the summer when the mosquitos are buzzing around. If I am lying on my stomach I like one pillow, on my back I have to have two. A lot of the time the pillow goes over my head to make it darker. If I'm on my stomach often-times my legs bend at my knees so that my feet are straight up in the air, making a little tent with the blankets. I also lie there with my arm over my eyes- again the darkness thing. The bad part about that is that occasionally I wake up with blurry vision from my corneas being squashed.

I grind my teeth in my sleep a lot. I'm ending one such phase right now, my face is slowly becoming less sore. Honestly I can't tell you if I snore. In the summer I like to sleep naked but in the winter I loves me my flannel jammies. I have a giant king-sized bed that the Ex wanted and I paid big bucks for. Lesson learned, buy a metal frame if you have cats. Puff was naughty when he was a kitten and chewed the corner of the frame. Even with three cats the bed feels empty. I'm taking applications for the right side...

Okay, that was everything you probably wanted to know about me and sleeping.

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