Sunday, December 12, 2004

Feeling a little down, maybe it is because Mummy is leaving Tuesday. John breezed into town and he and I and Mum went to the Arizona Inn for lunch on the veranda. The vegetarian sandwich wasn't so great but apparently the leak and potato soup is real good.

The library at the Inn is decorated for the holidays.

Yesterday we watched the movie Arizona. I'm writing a paper comparing how Western movies portrayed the state and what actually happened. I need to include stills from the movie, which is available only on VHS, so experimented with pausing and shooting images with my digital camera. I can't seem to avoid this little red splotch- the dreaded red-eye thingy, which shows up even if I hold two fingers over it (it actually goes through my fingers, scary!). Of course I have no idea where my little booklet is that might tell me how to turn it off.

Jean Arthur, a second rate actress.

What to make for dinner tonight? That is the burning question.

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