Monday, December 13, 2004

I called Archerr as I drive out of the driveway at work. The twenty minute drive home went so fast- he makes me laugh. Once home Mummy and I made lemon tea cookies for the annual company cookie exchange. I think this is the fifth or sixth year in a row I've made them, people expect them by now.

I've been avoiding the news. Either too depressing (war, suckass economy, Bushit) or weird (poisoned Ukranian politicians, sharks biting legs off). Today our local news led with the Scott Peterson death sentence. Not that it had anything to do with Arizona. Does anyone else think the guy is handsome?

Worked on my conference paper because there is nothing else to do, no billable hours. No bonus or raise this year, the economy is going great. If I say that a thousand times maybe it will come true. On the other hand, a lot of work coming up in the next year, so I don't have to worry about becoming homeless.

Mummy is leaving, next winter she'll have to spend two or three months. She says, "Maybe I'll have a dog by then." Well that is just too bad, she still has to come entertain me.

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