Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Sometimes I admire certain bloggers who can write about anything they want. I have to be somewhat circumspect because co-workers and friends read my blog and as a result Archerr gets to hear stories that I don’t share with everyone else.

Geekslut writes real durty stories about sex and whatnot. I’m more prim and proper that way. I will let loose this one time and tell a few secrets:

- I threw up on someone once
- I saw a penis that was smaller than my little finger
- I saw one as big as two pop cans stacked on each other
- I stopped dating one guy because his back hair was longer than his chest hair
- I messed around with someone who cried dramatically afterward
- The best kisser was also the only real bisexual I’ve met
- Someone once told me “I wish you were so and so instead of you…”
- I was stalked by a German grad student who sent me long-stemmed roses and awful poetry

Can you tell my mother left on the airplane today?

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