Thursday, December 16, 2004

I awoke at 3:38 am, a coyote was wandering through the neighborhood howling. My neighbors mostly keep big dogs in their backyards, and the dogs responded by howling back. You could trace the coyote's course by listening to the excited dogs. As it moved farther away, the sound gradually faded.

Mama Cat got scared and came and lay on top of me. I put my arm around her and in a little while she started purring. Puff soon followed, he's always jealous when she gets attention. Soon Joey jumped up on the bed and picked out her usual spot. I fell back to sleep, aware that if I rolled over I'd have three disgruntled cats to deal with. This morning Joey has decided that she needs to be under the warm light next to my computer, and she is watching me as I type this. I pat her head and talk cat talk to her (you don't want to know, it is pretty goofy).

Mama Cat and I.

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