Thursday, December 16, 2004

Let's just skip Christmas and go to New Years. I don't have much holiday spirit, maybe it is because there is no one special to buy presents for, maybe because I'll be lying in bed suffering from surgery. And New Years is so much fun!

- two years in a row when I was in college I had to go out to the barn and pull calves out of cows. They breed big calves and they get stuck. Just reach inside and yank 'em out.
- back in 1990 a friend was murdered on New Year's Eve.
- back in 1999 the ex went out to LA to party with his friends and I wasn't invited. Talk about something I should have paid attention too. The next bf I have won't pull crap like that.

On the other hand one New Year's my friend John R. gave me the most beautiful Chinese silk jacket. I only wear it on special occasions and everyone oohs and aahs over it.

Maybe we can skip New Year's too, but then the next big holiday is Valentine's Day. Blech.

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