Sunday, December 26, 2004

How come on soap operas people who are sick or in th hospital have perfect hair and skin? I bet they don't suffer from constipation either.

Well the Happy Holidays are about over and while not the worst I've experienced, these were certainly not the best. But luckily for me the medical drama is largely over and I'm almost back to normal except I still can't fit into my pants (I'm a little swollen). I had visits from my best buddies and they would be surprised to know how much that meant to me as I lay around all pathetic and whinified.

Having six days off from work- now that is weird. I'm actually looking forward to sitting at my desk tomorrow.

Last night I watched parts of Sound of Music, which ABC managed to drag out for three hours. I really like that film, even though the children can't act. That Baroness, she's one icy bitch, she's my favorite and I bet she would have been better in bed than Maria, who probably sang real loud about her favorite things when the Captain porked her.

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