Monday, December 27, 2004

The news is so depressing- tsunami, suicide bombs, and the like- that I just want to crawl in bed and hide there with the cats. A nap this afternoon and I woke up with all three cats snuggled up against me. My house absorbs the cold and retains it, the little electric heaters only warm up a small space. The cats look upon me as a big heating element. I don't mind.

A frustrating day trying to book train tickets in England. The website claims that anyone, including international tourists, can book tickets and retrieve them from a kiosk at stations. Once you attempt to do so it prompts you to input an English postal code, which of course you will only have if you live in England. Very frustrating, I sent then train people an email telling them their online ticketing service was lousy.

In the grander scheme of things that is an insignificant event. But focusing on English train tickets allowed me to avoid thinking about more important, awful things for a little while.

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