Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm hanging out at home, ohmigod I'm sore-as-hell and the Vicodin is plugging me up and I feel like puking. It's a whine-a-thon in Homer'sWorld!

I did manage to run to Border's to buy presents for the Ex's family. Getting in the car- painful. Fretting about what to buy- painful. Even wrapping things was painful, the paper was so unruly. It was nice to see Sonja and Karen, though, and they admired the house and the tree and the cats. Puff was super loveable and climbed all over them. He's a slut for petting.

I was thinking about doing jumping jacks or bouncing on a trampoline, but instead I'm going to take another Vicodin and maybe lie down for a while.

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