Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bah humbug. It decided to get cold yesterday, cold for Arizona that is. Luckily I saw Mike getting the mail and he was kind enough to carry all of my best potted plants inside as I stood nearby, wincing. Mike said, "You look terrible!" I'd forgotten to take pain pills at the right moment (I was too enthralled by watching the Bold and the Beautiful, where Ridge and Thorn are starting their own Christmas family traditions, just like Archerr's siblings!).

Speaking of which, I just got off the phone with Archerr. He has become one of my best friends, I get all giddy chatting with him because he makes me laugh and laugh (although I kept the laughing down this morning because I didn't want my guts to get all screwed up). Plus we gossip like a pair of old ladies and I tell him exciting things like the nasty side effects of Vicodin and so on. I don't have any secrets with Archerr.

In other news, did you know I never got to believe in Santa Claus? I was the youngest of five kids and my mother just gave up and so no Santa, no Easter Bunny, no tooth fairy. Maybe that is why I'm an atheist too.

I never got to sit on Santa's lap when I was a kid either, maybe that's why I like to sit on the laps of certain men as an adult?

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