Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It froze the last two nights here in Tucson. I brought most of my potted plants indoors where they sit on the dining room floor. The cats have only chewed a little bit and my mother was there to clean up the resulting mess. She complained it was cold. I asked her why she didn't move the space heater to where she sits and she paused and said, "Well, I didn't think about doing that." My mom seems to be losing common sense, it is a little scary.

Work is dragging, I'm writing a dull report and there's nothing to do about that. So I look at websites and blogs, today scrolling through Boy Wonder's, occasionally skirting around the naughty pics he posts. Bad Chas! Needs a spanking for putting Not-Work-Safe photos to tempt me. Came across another blog that I highly recommend, a gay version of Bridget Jones. The guy needs to publish his blog in book form.

Tonight more cookies and a new episode of Lost. My mother is so funny. She tells me she hates watching the telly and I glanced at her as Amazing Race was on and she was just staring at the screen. She also laughed over and over again at Desperate Housewives. I don't know why she won't admit to watching trashy television. Probably the same reason I don't admit to her looking at pictures on certain websites...

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