Monday, December 06, 2004

Mummy and I sat next to Mark Mc. at Sandy's presentation. Sandy gave a lecture on Italian madrigal comedies, and then he and a group of actors, singers, and musicians presented Saviezza Giovenile, a madrigal published in 1628. It is basically a story of how two young couples thwart the attempts of older men marrying much younger women.

Sandy at the lecturn.

The music was lovely, I knew Mummy had never heard anything like it.

Me and Mark Mc.

Mark and Sandy are a great couple. Mark is Australian and now that his classwork is done he's forced to go back to Australia. Sandy will follow sometime next year. I asked Mark how expensive plane tickets were to Australia. I'm going to start saving up and sometime in the next year or two I'll be visiting with them and Zane and Roger (their dog).

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